Please be informed that the Event ONLY ADMITS Visitors, Exhibitors, Contractors, Vendors and staff who have completed their Full Vaccination Regimen (with WHO-Approved Vaccination for Single-Dose Type OR Second Dose for Double-Dose Type) completed at least 14 days before the opening on 19 January ie. by 5 January 2022).

All attendees are required to show proof of their full vaccination before entry is permitted.

The Organizer reserves the right to impose other rules and regulations as it deems necessary covering specific COVID-19 safety protocols.

Pre-registration is strongly recommended to avoid the long queue onsite and to ensure social distancing.

To apply for your Entry Badge, please fill in the following form.
  • Kindly ensure that all information provided is complete and accurate.
  • The Badge is for the Registrant only and is non-transferable.
  • Your identity may be checked at the entrances for security verification purpose.

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